The No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act of 2001, creates requirements to ensure that all teachers teaching core academic subjects meet the federal definition of highly qualified teacher.
The following subjects are defined as core academic by NCLB:
 Elementary
 Reading
 Language Arts
 English (Including Journalism)
 Mathematics
 Science
 Social Sciences (Geography, History, Civics/Government and Economics)
 Arts (Music, Drama, Art)
 Foreign Languages

What Highly Qualified means
To be considered highly qualified, a teacher must do the following:
1. Have a Bachelor’s Degree or higher from an accredited college or university,
2. Have a valid Florida Three-Year Temporary or Five Year Professional Certificate in each core academic subject and,
3. Demonstrate Subject Area Competence in the core academic subject and grade levels taught.

The State of Florida Department of Education (FLDOE) requires Public and Private schools to report teacher quality data for instructional employees periodically to the state. To learn more, visit the No Child Left Behind website